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Technical support

Our mission is to ensure stable thermal conditions of goods in vehicles operating in the refrigeration chain.


Service at Ecoterm is the time it takes to restart a damaged device.

Technical support

When the vehicle is taken to a post during the interview, the diagnosis is verified and the possible shortest time of removing the failure is determined. Access to a full range of spare parts and consumables is the basis for reducing the time of immobilization of the device in the service.

In order to optimize the time of equipment downtime, we suggest Partners to use pre- or post-seasonal surveys (preventive inspections). During these periods, we have more flexibility and better operating conditions as a service point. In the summer season, our forces and measures are directed mainly at the assistance and removal of breakdowns, after this period we can make a thorough inspection of the components.

We use original spare parts and materials covered by the one-year warranty. Original spare parts give everyone safety while reducing costs of foreign repairs and possible losses, but also significantly reduces the operating costs of the device.


As part of the service activity, we also provide services related to the certification of gas installations on both vehicles and stationary installations.

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